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Crazy P

Sports Super Fan

About Crazy P

Super Fan Crazy P For 18 years I’ve been in stadiums & arenas with you the fans, cheering, chanting and supporting the teams we love like the BC Lions, the Vancouver Canucks, the 2010 Winter Olympics, the UBC Thunderbirds and many more! Over that time we have become family!

So if you have family and friends you want to send some love to for say a Birthday, an Anniversary, a Congratulations, Father’s/Mother’s Day, whatever! Or maybe you know someone who just needs some words of encouragement some Positive Reinforcement!
Crazy P has got your back!

People alway ask me Crazy P we’re does your light & energy come from? I tell them my Mother! She was a beautiful soul who loved everyone unconditionally! I’m just handing out the LOVE! Who wants some?

So book Crazy P on memmo and let’s start handing out the LOVE! Crazy P “Creating a positive experience for everyone!”



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