David & Annie

TV Personalities - 90 Day Fiancé
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Acerca de David & Annie

Career: David and Annie were the favorites of the fams in the 5th season of “90 Day Fiance”. Their relationship and deep love for one another have touched the hearts of the viewers, especially their relationship goals. The couple is labeled for having one of the most successful marriages in the show. Their love story began in Thailand, the native home of Annie. David went to the country after going through rough times. He never imagined that he will be able to see the love of his life in a country that is more than 8000 miles from his hometown, Louisville, Kentucky. Early life: Just like any couple, David and Annie also have a life of their own. David went through hardships that changed his life forever. He went to Thailand to recover from some personal problems. It was in that country that the couple met, specifically at a karaoke bar. Annie grew up in a small village in Thailand and was working in a hotel in Bangkok and singing in a band. Connect with David and Annie through memmo and receive a celebrity video message. Make every occasion extra special with a personalized greeting from your favorite celebrity. This can be in the form of a birthday message, greetings, wishes, or shout-outs