Jeremy Roenick

Former NHL Player - Chicago Blackhawks & more
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20 yr Nhl star 9x all star two time Olympian with a silver medal in 2002
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Acerca de Jeremy Roenick

Jeremy Roenick is a former professional ice hockey player from America. He spent most of his time as a professional player in the National Hockey League. It was in 1988 when Joe Roenick made his NHL debut with the Chicago Blackhawks against the New York Rangers. In 1996, Jeremy Roenick joined the Phoenix Coyotes and picked the number 97, becoming the first player in the history of the NHL to wear the number. Jeremy Roenick also played as a free agent with the Philadelphia Flyers where he won the Bobby Clarke Trophy and Yanick Dupre Memorial awards. In 2005, Jeremy Roenick was traded to the Los Angeles Kings. In 2007, Jeremy Roenick signed a one-year contract with the San Jose Sharks, where he scored his 500th goal against the Phoenix Coyotes. His love and passion for ice hockey also gave Jeremy Roenick the opportunity to play in different international competitions such as the Canada Cup in 1991 and the Winter Olympics in 2002. After he retired from playing the sport, Jeremy Roenick joined NBC as a hockey analyst. Get the chance to receive celebrity messages and celebrity video messages from the ice hockey star through memmo. Make birthday celebrations extra special with personalized video messages in the form of birthday messages, greetings, wishes, or a shout out.