Gary Robbins

Semi-professional Ultra Distance Trail & Mountain Athlete
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Semi-professional ultra-distance trail & mountain athlete. Sometimes I run over mountains and into sunrises. Love to sing but I'm really bad at it.
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Acerca de Gary Robbins

Gary Robbins is an ultrarunner who hailed from Newfoundland. He also calls North Vancouver, BC his home. At the early age of 19, he started fulfilling his passion for adventure and searched for his thrills in different areas. At the age of 27, Gary Robbins transferred to Whistler, BC, and decided to push through with adventure racing, but instead, Gary Robbins discovered ultrarunning. His love for endurance running grew even deeper after he and his team completed the 800-km long XPD Australia Expedition Race in 2007. In 2017, Gary Robbins almost finished the Barkley marathon as he reached the finishing gate 6 seconds after the 60-hour cut-off. After three attempts in the grueling marathon, Gary Robbins did not try his endurance in the 2019 Barkley marathon as he was recovering from a fracture in his pelvis. You can now get connected with the ultrarunner through memmo. Receive celebrity messages or celebrity video messages from Gary Robbins. Request for personalized video messages in the form of birthday messages, greetings, wishes, or a shout out.