Now you have the opportunity to get a personalized video messages from me.

I will be happy to send for example greetings, workout tips, support, gratulations or blessings to your friends!

Instagram: @svagtillstark
Youtube: Amanda Essen

Nyt saada sinulta personoituja videoviestejä memmon kautta.

Lähetän mielelläni tsemppi terveisiä, treenivinkkejä ja terveisiä kavereillesi!

Instagram: @svagtillstark
Youtube: Amanda Essen
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    Create your order

    Describe what you want to include in your video

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    Personalised recording

    The talent records your personalised video

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    Share the joy

    Give the video, or treat yourself, the choice is yours.

  • The talent has 7 days to reply although it's usually quicker
  • Pay by card we'll only charge you once you have your memmo
  • Easy to use download your video using your phone
  • If the talent doesn't respond you'll always get your money back
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