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Boost your marketing with celebrity videos specifically made for your business.

Greet your colleagues

A video greeting from a celebrity to your colleagues always boosts team morale!

Corporate Party

Let a celebrity join your party either live via Zoom or via recorded message!

Sales outreach

Use the video in outbound channels to get your customers’ attention straight away!

Anything else!

Have new ideas!? Share with the talent and build something awesome together!
Have new ideas!? Share with the talent and build something awesome together!

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"From a kick-off video for your next company event to a promotional video for your social channels, he does it all! Give some inspiration to your company or customers with a message from Ralf!"

"Would love to promote your product in a video that you can use in any external channel. We can even send your product to her so she can show it in the video."

"Perfect to add some comedy and heartfelt messaging for your team or customers. Always full of energy and charisma, add some nostalgia to your message with this legendary character!"

Impact you can feel

Pep talk for colleagues

Pep talk for colleagues

Thanks Adam - looking forward to sharing your message with the Ambient Support staff team - they will be super surprised to hear from you. All the Best

Ambient Support
Davina Sellick. Director of Marketing & Communications

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Thank you so much Simon. A wonderful message to those who need it and so pleased that you were able to come alongside us. One Love. Grant Me Savings Limited.

 Grant Me Savings Limited
David Ogden. Co-founder
Pep talk for colleagues

Pep talk for colleagues

Brilliant! Thank you for such a quick turnaround and a great message! Looking forward to all of them being inspired on the back of that!

Fairway Homecare
Alex O'Neill. Operations Director

Business event

To kick off our strategic planning, we used a very energetic message from Jack Armstrong, congratulating the team for having had a great year. It was a fun and original way to get everyone engaged and motivated. We'll be doing another one this year!

Rob Scott. Managing Director

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We worked with the famous Swedish actor Fredik Hallgren for a marketing campaign aimed to increase traffic to our website. We found that working with Fredrik was an excellent way of breaking through the noise. He added a lot of personality and creativity - and the numbers speak for themselves.

Dennis Rydgren. CMO
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have purchased something based on a celebrity recommendation
Rakuten Marketing, 2019
earned on every pound spent on influencer marketing campaigns
Influencer Marketing Hub, 2020
say the traffic coming from celebrity marketing is of higher quality
MediaMix, 2021
marketers agree that it’s difficult to find the right influencers for a campaign
MediaMix, 2021

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