Celebrity videos for companies

Boost your brand with celebrity content for marketing, or use the internal option to order for team greetings. Read more about the products or contact us directly down below.

Difference between For marketing & For companies

For marketing - Used externally

  • This is the option that allows you to use the video externally, to promote your brand. You can use the video on your website, in marketing, on social media and more. This product is covered under the "for marketing" price.

For companies - Used internally

  • This is the option that allows you to use the video internally. To wish your colleagues a merry christmas, use on the corporate party or announce a new hire internally. This product is purchased from the product Video Message by adding For companies in checkout and costs less than a Marketing video. The majority of celebrities are open for this option.

Client case - Marketing

A client ordered a video from a reality star that drastically impacted their Facebook ads performance. “We saw a 3x increase in returns and 5x more engagement compared to ads we were running in a similar time period” Below are more cases from our satisfied clients!

Thanks Jack. That was perfect! The team is going to love it! What a night from Steady Freddie! Wow
Extremely pleased with the delivery from John. This video will be perfect for our launch.
We got approximately 7x more traffic from our ads with this video than our traditional ads targeting the same audience.

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How to order a memmo

1 - Chose celebrity

Find a talent aligned with your brand. You can either search for celebrities or browse our different categories down below.

2 - Set the creative direction

Add the script for the video in instructions. Use "other details" form for more context – e.g. company information or pronunciation.

3 - Delivery

You get the video delivered within 7 days. Choose express delivery if you are in a hurry and receive the video within 24 hours.

4 - Quality assurance

Should there be a deviation from your script or an obvious error we will make sure you get a new video.

Need help finding the perfect celebrity for your brand? Reach out to us here!

Common business use cases


Boost your marketing with celebrity videos specifically made for your business.

Corporate Party

Let a celebrity join your party either live via zoom or a recorded message!

Greet your colleagues

A video greeting from a celebrity to your colleagues always boosts the team spirit!

Sales outreach

Use the video in outbound channels to get your customers attention right away!

Do you have any questions? Reach out to us here!

Want help from the team?

We are here to support you in the process.


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