How a crypto company reached +7M people through celebrities’ social media audiences



Social media isn’t built for organic reach

It’s no secret that most social platforms operate on a pay-to-play model for brands, making it incredibly challenging to grow your reach organically. The average reach of an organic post on a Facebook page hovers around 5.20% ( That means roughly one in every 20 people see the page’s non-promoted content.

Leveraging influencer celebrity marketing

The definition of fame is being well-known by a significantly large audience, which in today’s world is usually directly reflected in the number of followers celebrities have on social media. Many celebrities have millions of followers on Instagram, TikTok, etc, of which the audiences are usually people sympathising with the celebrities’ interests and standpoints, making the shared content feel trustworthy and real.

Furthermore, celebrities tend to be more restrictive than traditional influencers with how much brand-related content they share, making it even more authentic and powerful when they do.


Crypto company partnered with UFC legends and the greatest bodybuilder of all time

ImpactXP, a community-driven cryptocurrency platform, recently partnered with world-renowned UFC fighters and the greatest bodybuilder of all time via to leverage their social media reach. Together, the three celebrities reach roughly 7.5M people based on only their Instagram followings.

The campaign was a huge success, which can be illustrated by one particular Instagram video post by Ronnie Coleman, famous for sharing the throne of being the greatest bodybuilder of all time together with Arnold Schwarznegger. He recorded a video promoting ImpactXP; the post reached almost 500K views and more than 40K likes.


Recycling the content on their website

The company was so happy with the content that they decided to use it on their website too. By adding the video elements to the website flow and linking the user to their YouTube channel, views and engagement went up even further while adding authenticity and credibility to the site.


Watch the video

Watch one of ImpactXP’s videos with American bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman below:


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