How an American SMB got Hollywood stars to promote their corporate event



Getting your audience pumped

New York-based Flip - a small voice technology company offering automated phone support to businesses - is taking their business to the next level by upgrading into a new name (previously RedRoute), new brand identity and introducing a new line of business.

Most companies would probably send an internal email informing the staff about the change, but not Flip. With help from world-renowned celebrities, they invited staff, clients and other interested parties to join a live-streamed event revealing the news.

The Office actors David Koechner and Kate Flannery, Happy Gilmore actor Shooter McGavin and an Elton John impersonator are just a few of the celebrities teaming up to invite you to “A Big Flippin’ Reveal”.


Rolling out the red carpet with a click

The main goal with the exclusive video content was to increase viewership and create virality around the event, and well-known celebrity faces became the beneficial way to get there. The videos were used both on social media to drive traffic to the event site, and on the website itself (see above). In other words, the celebrities followed the audience throughout the journey - from getting their attention to rolling out the red carpet on the website.


Leveraging Hollywood stars’ familiar faces on social media

To market the event, the videos were shared on Linkedin, one of Flip’s core acquisition channels. The videos saw instant traction and outperformed previous posts in terms of user engagement, achieving 6-8x higher engagement metrics.


Watch the video

Watch one of Flip’s 1 min long videos with Happy Gilmore actor Shooter McGavin:


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