How Babbel got 100% ROAS improvement by collaborating with


Babbel, a leading global language learning platform, came to for ad creatives to scale their customer acquisition in Germany. image


We partnered them with nationally famous actor Felix von Jascheroff, a great fit for their brand, product and audience.

Together with Babbel’s team we created a short and sweet script explaining the service and Babbel’s offering.

Felix took the script and filmed a UGC-style video. The content was delivered and launched on Meta ads network, all within a day.



The creative quickly became the best paid ad on Meta and TikTok, delivering a +100 % ROAS improvement in relation to similar ads.

Babbel’s performance team scaled the ad to generate +5,500 % more sales than other ads.

In summary, here is the performance they saw when comparing to the rest of the account:

  • +100% ROAS
  • -30% CPM
  • -61% CPA
  • -70% CPC image

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