How FootyStats achieved a whopping 5% conversion rate increase by partnering with football legend Michael Owen


“Working with you guys has been incredible, honestly. Super easy to work with. We definitely plan on ordering more in the future.” - Jamie Tatsubana, CEO of FootyStats.


How do you increase conversions on your website? It’s a core question in all online businesses and this is the story of how FootyStats, a leading website for football stats, found an answer by partnering with

A while back FootyStats launched the subscription service “FootyStats Premium”. It’s a quality service that immediately attracted interest from hardcore fans. But FootyStats needed something powerful to attract and convert a broader segment of their +2M monthly website visitors.

The marketing team turned to After a brief collaboration with’s celebrity marketing experts, FootyStats found a perfect match in football legend Michael Owen. They decided on a message and placed an order.

Owen quickly got back with a video of him speaking directly to FootyStats’ visitors and vouching for the premium offering.

The marketing team placed the video in the banner promoting the premium service as well as on the page where visitors could subscribe.


The results? Remarkable! FootyStats saw an incredible 5% conversion rate uplift.

This is an outstanding improvement that can take months for a team of dedicated conversion experts to reach (if they ever do it!). Through, FootyStats achieved it in an efficient and cost-effective way.

What’s the secret? It’s not complicated. FootyStats simply collaborated with’s team to find an endorsement that made sense, both for their audience and the celebrity. Many of FootyStats’ visitors will have fond memories of Michael Owen, so when he speaks to them about a product he also believes in, they will listen, understand and act.

And you know what the beautiful thing is? You also can achieve results like this, regardless of what your goals are. Just get in touch and we’ll help you find the best solution for your brand and business goals!

Watch the marketing video that yielded FootyStats' results below:


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