Louie Spence

Dancer, Choreographer & TV Personality - Pineapple Dance
99+ रिव्युज़
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Dancer, Choreographer, West End Star and fabulous TV Personality! ⭐️ Louie Spence is best known for the TV show Pineapple Dance Studios🕺He now runs incredible masterclasses for anyone who loves dance! If you love Louie as much as we do, get a personalised video message from him today 💛
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Louie Spence के बारे में

One of the dance industry’s most unique talents, choreographer and television personality, also known as ‘Lay out Lou with liquid legs and a lisp’, is the English dancer Louie Spence. He is most famous for the TV show ‘Pineapple Dance Studios’ and for his performances in the ‘West End’ musicals as part of the award-winning original cast of ‘Miss Saigon’. He went on to star in ‘Cats’ and ‘Closer to Heaven’, as well as perform with the Spice Girls, Take That, and Björk, among others. 2008 was the year he joined the successful NBC prime-time show ‘Celebrity Circus’, as one of three judges. Louie Spence was later on voted as one of the Top Ten Reality Show Judges in America. Besides that, Spence has appeared in shows such as ‘Dancing on Ice’, ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, ‘The Jump’, ‘Tour de Celeb’, ‘Bump n Grind’ and ‘Celebs on the Farm’. He released his autobiography in 2012 called ‘Still got it, Never lost it’ which tells the story of his career. IMPORTANT: If you are requesting a memmo for a child, please mention their age so Louie can make sure it is age-appropriate!