Mark Crossley

Former Football Player – Nottingham Forest & more
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Nottingham Forest legend. Mark spent the majority of his extensive career with Nottingham Forest where he made over 300 appearances over 13 years. Mark also represented a handful of other clubs, including Middlesbrough, Fulham and Oldham Athletic as well as the Welsh national team.

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Mark Crossley के बारे में

Career: Mark Crossley is a Welsh former professional football player. A skilled and talented goalkeeper who played in various clubs in England especially with Nottingham Forest. Impressively, he was the only goalkeeper to stop a penalty kick from Matt Le Tissier. He is also one of the key players in teams, such as Manchester United, Millwall, Middlesbrough, Stoke City, Fulham, Sheffield Wednesday, Oldham Athletic, and Chesterfield. He also represented Wales in various competitions from 1997-2004. Early life: Crossley was born in 1969 in Barnsley, England. He started his career in football with Nottingham Forest in 1987. His performances made him one of the favorites of the fans and had more than 300 appearances in thirteen years with the Forest. Get connected with Mark Crossley through memmo and receive a celebrity video message. Make every occasion extra special with a personalized greeting from your favorite celebrity. This can be in the form of a birthday message, greetings, wishes, or shout outs.