Challenging influencer marketing with full-service celebrity offering


By combining the power of big celebrities in Sports, TV and Music with a digital-first mindset,‘s new offering helps companies of all sizes take their marketing to the next level.


"The results we have seen from celebrity endorsements through outperform traditional influencer marketing.” - Tobias Bengtsdahl, CEO of

For a long time, real celebrity endorsements have been a strategy for companies with big budgets and heavy productions. is approaching the market with a new angle. is already making deals with brands across the US and Europe, working with celebrities from the likes of footballers Luis Figo and Michael Owen, to actors such as Kate Flannery and Michael Rapaport . Among recent clients we find digital juggernauts like Google and Salesforce, plus local clients such as MEDS, a Swedish top online pharmacy. As promised by their mission, has also helped smaller companies grow with top celebrities. In the US put together a multi-channel campaign with actress Tori Spelling for a scale-up e-commerce – a partnership that would not have been possible without

“ helped us quickly and efficiently generate authentic content from a wide range of celebrities our customers already know and love. With so many profiles in one campaign, all wearing MEDS-pink, we are able to gain attention and form emotional connections between MEDS and our customers in a unique way.” - Marika Baltscheffsky, Brand & Reputation Manager at leading Swedish online pharmacy MEDS. image

With their new service, writes the next chapter of celebrity marketing. By connecting companies of all sizes with the perfect celebrity ambassadors for their brands, while aligning content and distribution to today's marketing platforms, democratizes celebrity endorsements.

It is a model that runs completely on digital. Authentic yet optimised brand content makes its way from major celebrities' smartphones to the eyeballs of customers. That means endorsements are more affordable, faster and relevant than ever before.

It is different from influencer marketing. Influencers build careers on promoting brands en masse. The value beyond the usual discount code is low – it is another promotion in the line of many. Also, most collaborations will be a few posts and that’s it, leaving value on the table when it comes to optimising content and digital distribution.

That is where differentiates; effective and smart ambassadorships with loved celebrities means performance today as well as long-term brand equity.

The offering is now live in all the biggest markets in’s focus regions Europe & US.

Get in touch today to find out how your company would benefit from celebrity marketing content.


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