How Voggt optimized performance on Meta & TikTok by creating 6 creatives from 1 video


Creative testing is at the core of paid social media. That’s also true for celebrity marketing content.

We always recommend our clients to produce variations of their assets to test and learn how to best use them.

Here’s how Voggt learned what works best in TikTok and Meta ads when partnering with football legend Michael Owen.



Voggt is a live shopping app for collectibles like sports memorabilia, fashion pieces and trading cards. Their goal was to reduce cost per acquisition (CPA) in the UK.

The right celebrity

They partnered with Michael Owen, an admired and trusted name in the sports memorabilia segment.

A flexible script

Voggt provided Michael Owen with a script tailored to deliver one video that could be easily edited to produce different creatives.

Authentic edits

As soon as the content was delivered, the Voggt team applied their creative touch and made six variations, all aligned with the best practices of authentic social media content.


These assets were then launched in parallel on Meta and TikTok. Allowing Voggt’s team to get crucial insights on how to optimize the ads to reach their targets.

Results & what they learned

Through smart testing, Voggt cut their cost per acquisition by 50 % compared to other ads.

They also learned that on TikTok, shorter ads with a clear hook worked better. On Facebook they saw better results with longer clips and clearer storytelling.

These insights will not just boost Voggt's performance in the short run but also longterm for their next celebrity partnership.

Here you can check out the six different versions:

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