Record-breaking social media campaign with NHL Hall of Fame star



Democratising access to utopia

In today’s social media landscape, the combination of reach & impact is a utopia that most businesses don’t have the blueprint for, or simply can’t afford. You would either have to spend large sums to buy your way to the reach you’re aiming for (most likely with decreasing return per dollar spent), or come up with the marketing idea of a lifetime for the campaign to grow organically.

Now there’s a quick and cost-effective solution; on-demand celebrity endorsements which have proven to be one of few strategies taking you closer to this utopia.

+100x increase in social media reach

Swedish medtech company Curoflow had, of its pure nature of being a B2B company operating in the healthcare industry, challenges being relevant in social media feeds. They decided to make a move and try something different, and landed in a collaboration with Swedish NHL Hall of Fame player Börje Salming.

The idea was simple: have Mr. Salming say what their sales staff historically had been saying themselves in order to stand out and not just be another company promoting their amazing products.

The result?

The video became Curoflow’s most viral social media post to date, reaching 100x more views (!) than their previous posts. And not only the reach went up - engagement skyrocketed; achieving 330% increase in likes, 200% increase in comments and 200% increase in shares compared to previous social media content.


A trustworthy ambassador

Having someone familiar and trustworthy to endorse your brand or product is a solution that, put simply, makes your life as a marketer easier. In fact, research suggests that who says it and how they say it often can be more important than what is actually being said, making the case for celebrity endorsements even more bulletproof.

It’s safe to say that Curoflow got bang for their buck.

See it for yourself

Watch Curoflow’s (previously named Remisshjälpen) 23 sec long video with Börje Salming below (in Swedish):


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