3 tips for instant performance with celebrity marketing


Direct response campaigns are at the core of performance marketing. You communicate an offering and the user takes immediate action - sign up, download or buy now!

Creatives make or break the success of your campaign and the competition to create ads that drive performance is stiffening by the day. You will need the right content to stand out.

Access to authentic celebrity content is a powerful addition to your creative toolbox. Data suggests that having a famous face increases performance on average by 300%!

At memmo.me we have made +3500 unique ads featuring celebrities for Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

Here are 3 key things we have learned along the way:

1. Pick “thumb-stopping” talent

The right talent will stand out and stop the scroll. Understand your audience and work with talent your audience recognizes and wants to consume content from.


2. Cut to the chase

Although people stop, you can’t make them stay forever. You need to have a clear hook in the first two seconds - it's what makes or breaks a video. Also give reason to act now by stressing urgency or scarcity.


3. Test, Optimize & Scale!

See the celebrity asset as a powerful creative component that you can play with. There’s no way of knowing beforehand exactly how to use the content to drive behaviour. So it’s best practice to design a few ads using different creative components and run them in parallel. For example testing different subtitles, CTA buttons and overlays.


Now you’re one step closer to driving more conversions in your paid social campaigns using celebrity content. We wish you the best of luck on your upcoming campaigns!

Reach out if you want more insights on how to use celebrities to drive your business goals!


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