Women’s underwear brand partners with Swedish fashion model in minutes



Revolutionising access to celebrity collabs

Just a few years ago companies had to spend large sums of money going back and forth with agents and agencies to even get the chance to pitch their campaign idea to a celebrity. A tiny share of the world’s businesses had deep enough pockets to go through such a process and it often ended up leading nowhere, even for the bigger fishes, since a mismatch between expectations and compensation often occurred.

Small brands now have this opportunity at their fingertips

Today the tables have turned. Now startups have the same access to these unreachable superstars that only Fortune 500 brands once had.

Lacy Bra, a women’s underwear brand combining comfort and aesthetics, recently partnered with Swedish fashion model Victoria Silvstedt to promote their bra collection on social media. The company’s initial plan was to have Silvstedt promoting their wireless bras in a video on YouTube, but once they received the content from Silvstedt, they were so happy with the result that they decided to order another one and feature them both in the promo.


A brand ambassador bringing trust & relevancy to the table

Reputation and popularity can determine a company’s success to a large extent. It’s seldomly enough for companies to present themselves in the best possible way – they need authentic and credible advocates. Personal referrals from real people - advantageously people that the audience already knows and trusts - will resonate better with audiences than news and promos coming directly from the brand.

Hence, using celebrity endorsements in one's marketing mix can be a lucrative strategy to build trust & bring relevancy to the table.


Watch the actual video

Watch one of Lacy Bra’s videos with Victoria Silvstedt below:


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