10 Most Popular Celebrities of 2021


At memmo.me you can order personal video greetings from your favourite celebrities and deliver the most mind-blowing surprise to someone across the world!

Below is a list of our most popular celebrities from this past year - Scroll to check them out!

The Cream of the Crop

Colin Mochrie, known for starring, writing and producing the improvisational TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway, and has only received 5-star ratings from his customers!

Faithful fans

We’re sure you’ve seen the best of Big Ed on 90 Day Fiance - he’s the celebrity that most people choose to order from once more after their first purchase. Maybe it's not possible to get enough of his dance moves?

Most Bookings

Pete Rose, the absolute MLB legend known for the Cincinnati Reds & Philadelphia Phillies has received the most bookings as an MLB player on memmo.me!

Fastest Delivery

David & Annie, the couple you all love from 90 Day Fiance, are the speediest at sending in their memmos to their fans! With 24hr delivery, David & Annie have you covered for your next anniversary gift!

A memmo from Riff Raff will not disappoint, his memmos always have the BEST reactions from his fans!

Impeccable Impersonations

Deep Fake Trump does a very fantastic and uncanny resemblance to the real thing. For an upcoming event, surprise them with a memmo from Deep Trump and make them laugh!

An Absolute Riot

Mr. Uekusa is guaranteed to have you, your mom, dad, quite literally anyone -- in a cackling fit of laughter. Mr. Uekusa ranked highest for the “most hilarious” memmos!

David Koechner is a classic favourite from the TV Series you all know and love - The Office! Within memmo’s yearly report, he ranked as the top actor. Book a memmo and find out why!

Robert Picardo from Star Trek, Stargate and China Beach is one of our top comedians on memmo, and has recorded hundreds of videos for his fans during this year!

Cat Lovers Favourite

Carole Baskin is the most purr-fect at curating her memmos to be unique for each and every one of her cat-loving fans!


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