Celebrate This Year’s Olympics With a memmo


Commencing the opening ceremony of the 2021 Olympics! The Olympics is not only a monumental world event, but also continually brings people together from across the globe, and inspires others to follow their dreams! Whether you’re using a memmo as a pep talk, to wish your team a great season, or to inspire a loved one to pursue their dreams - there’s a memmo for every occasion. These fan faves listed below are sure to inspire those around you with their videos! So go ahead and share the love, the inspiration, the motivation, all with a memmo. Below are a few of our favourite sports celebrities and Olympians to spark some ideas and well, memories!

Jennifer Jones, the curling champ. Olympic Gold medalist. She definitely knows what’s up when it comes to curling! If you or someone you love is a fan, be sure to lean on Jennifer for a shoutout, pep talk, or inspiration!

Brad Gushue, Olympic gold medalist and world champion can wish your loved one a happy sports season with a personalized video message. Let Brad the Olympic allstar do the pep-talking for you today and make someone’s day!

Hayley Wickenheiser is the queen of hockey. There, we said it. Celebrate the Olympics with a personalized video message from Hayley for you or someone you adore, with a video from this absolute hockey legend!

From being a curler, 2x world champion, to a broadcaster, Cheryl Bernard is the best sports advocate! A video message with Cheryl can inspire a future Olympian to pursue and achieve their dreams

Kaitlyn Lawes is a source of inspiration (in and out of the curling rink), for anyone in your life who is looking to pursue their dreams within sports! Do you know an avid curler? We’re sure they’d be OBSESSED with a video from Kaitlyn!

Andi Petrillo is a renowned Olympic Broadcaster who can motivate your friend, brother, sister, that they should go after their life goals! No wonder Andi Petrilllo is a fan favorite, she’s been booked 16 times the past month for a pep talk and they're always over a minute long!

Kaetlyn Osmond is one of the most amazing figure skaters to grace the earth. Do you have a figure skater in your life that may need a little encouragement? A pep talk? Kaetlyn can do this through a personalized video message, to someone you love.

Max Talbot is an NHL legend. Is there anyone in your life who has struggled through covid and not being able to participate in team sports? A personalized video message from Max is sure to motivate yourself, or those around you!

Pierre McGuire is a sports broadcaster, recognized from NBC and TSN. He can be a source of inspiration, celebration, motivation, or all of the above with a personalized video message!


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