Perfect Mother's Day Messages From Celebrities


Hate Boring Mother's Day Messages? Have a Celebrity Create It!


Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and we have created the perfect message guide for the mother figures in your life. But with a twist:

Actually surprise her this year by having her favorite Celebrity record her a Mother's Day message! Whether your mom is into movies, sports, music or TV - we have the perfect celebrity to send your mom the Mother’s Day message of the year!

1. Messages for the Mom Who Loves to to Laugh

And who would be more efficient in making your mom laugh than Colin Mochrie through a personalized video message? Your mom surely knows the legend who has made millions laugh through TV-shows such as 'Whose Line Is It Anyways?'. Michael Rapaport would probably give similar joy, while Mr. Uekusa would guarantee a surprise-factor! And if your mom is not faint-hearted, a Mother's Day message from Deep Fake Trump would arguably be talked about for weeks to come.

2. Messages for the Mom Who Loves to Binge Watch Reality

Is 'Married at First Sight her guilty pleasure? And is Big Ed her fav? What about William Hung from Idol? If those doesn't do it, we're sure a Mother's Day message from The Bachelor's Jesse Palmer does.

3. Messages for the TV-loving Mom

As Mother's Day is around the corner, Rick Harrison has sat aside time from his pawn shop to deliver video messages in time. David Koechner from The Office, Anchorman and more is ready too!

Check out celebrities with 24 Delivery here.

4. Messages For the Mom Who Loves Music

Montell Jordan is ready to sing your mom a message for her day! The same goes for Riff Raff, Jesse McCartney, and Lisa Loeb.

5. Messages from Power Women

Motivate your mother on her day with an inspirational message from Bethenny Frankel, who you've seen on Shark Tank or read about in every newspaper for her many business ventures. Or: have confident Kate Flannery send your mom a creative message inspired by her time in The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine or New Girl.

Whilst everyone else gives flowers and chocolates accompanied by a generic card, you can give Mom a message she’ll never forget, a personalized video message from her favorite celebrity!

And if you're after some additional inspo for its delivery, take a look at what some of our customers have done for their moms:

  1. Schedule the Mother's Day Message to arrive as a text message first thing in the morning, so they are woken up to their idol congratulating them on their day.
  2. Call them on Zoom to sing happy Mother's Day, then share your screen and play the memmo. It’ll be like their fav celeb is just chilling in the call with you.
  3. Write the link out in their Mother's Day card with no mention of where it will take them to (now let’s see if they really trust you!).
  4. If you want to go all out, why not book a collection of memmos from several celebs and put them all together in a montage - that’ll really blow their socks off!



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