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We know birthdays and holidays are probably the most common uses for a memmo. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the only use for them! Party invites, baby showers, weddings, summer parties, wish your team a great season, thank you or I love you messages, ask out your crush, surprise your kid(s), show how proud you are of a loved one for their new job, or to share condolences to a loved one… the list goes on. Below are a few of our favourite celebs and some inspiration on how you can gift a memmo to someone!

Gifting a memmo to ask out your crush...

We know you’re nervous. It’s been on your mind for months on end. Avoid the nervous conversation and have Carole Baskin from Tiger King do the talking. You’re sure to receive a “yes!” with this one. Book a video message from Carole Baskin today so you won’t be a part of the single cat club anymore. ;)

Leave it to Tori Spelling to ask them out! She’s intuitive, funny, and sure to get you the answer you’ve been waiting for. There’s nothing wrong with gifting a memmo so you can sit back and listen… especially if it’s an awkward conversation that’ll have your hands and voice shaking! Book a memmo from Tori Spelling and just ask them out already!

Inviting friends to your baby/wedding celebration...

Gathering with loved ones to celebrate love and life is one of the best pleasures in life. Let The Rebel Mama make your invites extra unique! Purveyors of motherhood, these gals know what’s up when it comes to celebrating relationships, children, and especially being a mom! Book a video message from the Rebel Mama and make this celebration the best one yet...

Paul and Karine from 90 Day Fiance will be sure to spark up a laugh as an invitation to your wedding, baby shower or birthday party. Book today and truly set yourself apart from the rest with a memmo! paul & karine

Congratulations on a new job...

Show your love and support to your lover or friend with a memmo from Brent Butt! His jokes will really give the emotional-support-boost everyone needs right now. Whether they’re a stand-up-comedy fan or a huge Corner Gas fan, Brent is really for anybody. Book a video message with Brent Butt and celebrate the personal growth of your friend or a loved one!

Let the sweetest and absolute legend of a hockey player, Hayley Wickenheiser congratulate your friend or lover on their progress with the new job. Whether they’re a hockey player or fan, they’ll absolutely adore a video from Hayley! Book a personalized video message with Hayley today and celebrate moving up in the world.

To make your surprise truly unforgettable, gather friends, family, and colleagues to submit a short clip of their best wishes in a group video by Memento and add your memmo as the surprise finale! Seeing personalized messages of celebration from loved ones and their favorite celebrity is an incredibly thoughtful gift.

Sending your love and condolences...

This year has already been tough enough, and many are coping with the losses of loved ones among the existing world issues. Jack Armstrong is sure to lift the spirits of someone struggling, especially if they’re a big sports/basketball fan! Book a video message with Jack today and send your love with a memmo.

Struggling with losing a lost one is a difficult weight of grief and sadness. At memmo, we have celebrities like Mary Fitzgerald who provide a sense of comfort, familiarity, and make people’s day. Send your condolences with a memmo from Mary!


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