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There is truly no better feeling than laughing until your stomach hurts. Tears in your eyes, gasping for air. These moments are what life is all about! Gift a memmo and a laugh from one of these hilarious celebrities to make a loved one’s day! Below is a curation of our top hilarious celebrities that we know you’ll love just as much as we do! Whether it’s Mom’s fav TV show star, or your Brother’s favourite comedian, there’s enough hilarious celebrities to go around for all!

Gilbert Gottrifield is known and loved as the Parrot in Disney's Aladdin, Mr. Peabody in Problem Child, The Aristocrats, Howard Stern Show, Digit in Cyberchase, and last but not least the Host of Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast. Gifting a memmo from Gilbert for a birthday, celebration or roast will surely get you a good cackle as a response!

Chris Williams is a renowned actor and comedian, known for his roles as Krazee-Eyez Killa from Curb Your Enthusiasm, Hoover from Silicon Valley, Doug from Dodgeball, Eddie from The Great Indoors, Upload, Friday After Next and so much more. Book a personalized video message with Chris and celebrate with a laugh!

Roseanne’s Tom Arnold is hilarious... and looking forward to book a memmo with you! As an actor, comedian and Dad, his messages can truly resonate with anyone. Book a video message with Tom today and schedule one of his hilarious videos for your next upcoming celebration!

You probably recognize her from the 90’s Nickelodeon shows All That, and Figure it Out, or from The Steve Harvey Show… Ladies and Gentleman: Lori Beth Denberg! Book a personalized video message from Lori today, as she’s happy to give a shout-out to the people you love, or shout AT the people you hate! Your choice.

Whose Line Is It Anyway celebrity - Greg Proops is on memmo. Also known for the Smartest Man in the World Podcast Stand Up Comic. He’s a hoot and an absolute holler. If you want a gift of a lifetime that’ll bring tears to your eyes, book a video message from Greg Proops for yourself or a friend!

As some would consider the comedic KING of memmo: Colin Mochrie! Most commonly known from Whose Line Is It Anyway? Colin is a Scottish-born Canadian actor, writer, producer, and improvisational comedian. Book a video with Colin and gift to a loved one to give them a hysterical moment they’ll never forget!

Leave it to Brent Butt to make your loved ones laugh! The Canadian actor, comedian, and screenwriter. Best known for his role as Brent Leroy on the CTV sitcom Corner Gas, which he created: in addition to the television series Hiccups and wrote the 2013 film No Clue. Order a personalized video from him for any occasion: birthdays, congrats, pep-talks, or just for laughs -- he donates 50% of his earnings to charity! ⛽️

Show your love with a memmo from Mr. Uekusa! Known as France's Got Talent Finalist & Golden Buzzer, Britain's Got Talent Semi-finalist, and of course being a Naked comedian. Book a video message from Mr. Ukeusa for any occasion, we promise the reaction will be 100% worth every penny!


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