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Quentin Quarantino

Creator & Activist - Trolling for Good

About Quentin Quarantino

$2 million+ raised for charity in 2021 ⭐️ Trolling for good 😈

I can make a memmo insulting your racist uncle, wishing your friend a happy birthday, or anything in between



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Quentin Quarantino, a meteoric meme-star who’s been chronicling the absurdity of American Covid culture since that near apocalyptic day of March 13, 2020. With a blend of original and reposted content, Quentin Quarantino’s following has surged to over half a million. The page was started by 25 year old Tommy Marcus, a University of Michigan graduate based in New York City, in the early and confusing days of lockdown. In an effort to try to make light of quarantine life, eating Chef Boyardee in sweatpants alone, Marcus promised to post a meme every 30 minutes until the 14 day lockdown was over, and named the account after his second favorite director. “‘Wes Quaranderson’ doesn’t rhyme as well as ‘Quentin Quarantino,’” said Marcus, who has the dance scene from Pulp Fiction tattooed on his left shoulder.