Andy Mcphee

Schauspieler- Sons of Anarchy, Wentworth

Schauspieler- Sons of Anarchy, Wentworth

My Story

I've been a professional Actor for over 30 years .
●Sons Of Anarchy (Keith McGhee)
●Wentworth (Turk)
●Criminal Minds (Irish Hit Men)
●Home and Away ( Danny Braxton)
●Animal Kingdom
●The Condemned

To name a few

I love motorcycles I ride my big chopper to Meditate ( ha) I love Trains * I drove locomotives for many years i was a professional wrestler before I started Acting ...

I live in Los Angeles and travel globally for Acting and teaching and very blessed and lucky

I am an Ambassador to suicide and mental health non-profit organizations.

Sharing my journey in the hope of helping those in need .

I love seeing people discover their own greatness in themselves .

It has been and still a wonderful journey

Considering I failed miserably at school.was in trouble with the law and caused a lot of mayhem.

We can all find the Hidden Gem 💎 inside just don't give up exploring
Andy Mcphee.

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