10 most popular celebrities in 2020


At memmo.me you can order personal video greetings from famous faces such as Emile Heskey, Charlotte Crosby and Carole Baskin. In 2020, more than 60,000 video greetings were sent. Data from this has now been compiled into the Celebrity Report 2020 - a list of celebrities who have been most popular since launching in the UK.

For example, who stopped their ghost hunt to film 2 memmo requests amid Halloween chaos?

Celebrity Report 2020 - The most popular talents on memmo.me

Highest rating

Alex Stepney, beloved ex-Manchester United goalie, has a solid average rating of 5 stars; a medal of honour in its own right at memmo.me - consistently making fans happy.

Faithful fans

If you’ve seen Neil Ruddock’s intro video then you’ll know that he’s determined to make people smile with his memmos - clearly he’s achieving this as people keep coming back for more!

Most bookings

From the moment Paddy Doherty joined memmo.me, his orders skyrocketed, so it’s no wonder he’s the winner for most bookings! It must be the Irish charm.

Fastest delivery

Crissy Rock is so dedicated to delivering her memmos in record-time that she even stopped mid-ghost hunt on Halloween to film 2 that had just been booked!

Most popular sports profile

Matt Le Tisser scores with his fans time and time again, consistently placing top of the leaderboard for most popular footballer and sports profile.

Most popular actor

Alan Fletcher a.k.a Dr Karl Kennedy from Neighbours is the most popular actor to order a personalised video greeting from.

Most popular artist

Despite only joining memmo.me in the last month, the incredible General Levy has stolen the crown for this one. His intro video is enough to tempt anyone to book a memmo!

Most business requests

It’s a tough time for many businesses, leading them to search for more creative ways to pep their teams. Tanya Bardsley is an emblem of this and has helped businesses to motivate employees through B2B memmos.

Children’s favourite

James Merry is from the popular kids TV show Waffle the Wonder Dog and proves to provide great entertainment for the little ones.

One to watch

Grandad’ has been a part of memmo.me since the platform launched in the UK and has been a rising star ever since - clearly everyone loves a dirty-minded Grandad.


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