Grandad: 'Never take life too seriously'


Paul Latham, better known as his alter ego 'Grandad', shot to internet fame when he began posting videos of himself with an old man filter on and making jokes with a crude sense of humour. Known for his dirty mind and #notfreytened motto, 'Grandad' has no filter in what he says, and that's why so many love his videos!

Paul chatted with Annabelle Leith about his plans for 'Grandad's' future, where the inspiration for the character came from, and also what living in lockdown has been like.

How did you entertain yourself during the last lockdown?

Well with three children in the house I had plenty on my hands with the homeschooling and everything. It was a very different experience, the highlight of my day was when it got to 4pm and I’d crack open a beer and watch Tipping Point.

How was the homeschooling?

Tough. It was a bit easier with my eldest who’s 12 as she got herself up and signed into the laptop and stuff, she was brilliant. It was the 6-year-old we struggled with, trying to keep her concentration levels up, but to be fair they did really well the pair of them, I can't fault them.

"I never expected it to do what it's done, it's been pretty successful online" - Paul Latham

Where did the inspiration for ‘Grandad’ come from?

I've always liked to have a laugh and make other people laugh doing different accents and impressions and voices. Me and my mate Gav would be in the locker rooms at the gym, and it was a hotel gym so there were a few older blokes in there, and we'd listen to some of the stuff they'd say then go away and imitate them. Then it just carried on and we used to do it all the time.

Then one morning, I’d been out the night before, and I woke up and was laid there and just did this video on Snapchat and put it on Facebook and it grabbed the attention of quite a lot of people. So my mate said: ‘Why don't you start your own page and do a weekly video?’ So that was it. I never expected it to do what it's done, it's been pretty successful online. It's been fun and a good laugh - that's all it was ever intended for.

What song would be a theme song for your life? And which would be a theme song for Grandad’s?

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen! Probably for both of us because honestly it’s like real life, you've got to look after the kids and stuff like that, but especially in this house me and the kids and even the Mrs sometimes, we all like to be a bit silly and a bit daft, always trying to have a laugh. Never take life too seriously.

"He can be a bit rude and crude so I understand he's not gonna be everyone's cup of tea" - Paul Latham

What goals do you have for Grandad in the future?

It's been very ‘peak and troughy’ this thing. I've never been in this game before, but I've been trying to sit down and write an hour's worth of material that I could maybe take to a stage and give it a go with a mask on. But then obviously COVID hit in March and everyone's worlds got turned upside down, so since then I've not got it back out and carried on with it, but I do want to. I also feel like I want someone with a bit of experience in the industry to tell me if what I'm doing is right.

I don't know how long it'll take but I'm only 33. I'm not trying to be a Premier League footballer or anything like that, so it's not like my fitness is going to run out. There's still plenty of time to perfect it and have a go at it. And I've got the confidence to give it a go, so it's just putting it into practice. But this year’s been a bit of a write off, so maybe we'll go again next year. That shouldn't stop me writing though so I should maybe get it back out and going again.

I would like to take it further. He's a bit of a controversial character though if you will. He's not to everybody's taste. He can be a bit rude and crude so I understand he's not gonna be everyone's cup of tea. Initially I’d like to make the page a bit bigger and be more widely known before I walk onto a stage, but at the same time I'm willing to give it a go and see if it gathers momentum in real life, if you will.



What has been your favourite memmo request so far?

It’s funny, I was actually talking to my wife about this last night. There was a lad who got in touch who wanted a video for his Grandad which surprised me because I never really expected that generation to really enjoy it. But he sent me a video afterwards on Twitter of his Grandad watching this memmo and he was so cheered up by it, and at the end of the video he said: ‘I needed a bit of energy today and that gave it to me’. That is by far hands down one of my most favourite things I've ever been sent.

"I’m just happy to be putting smiles on faces as that is all I'm doing" - Paul Latham

Who would your ‘guilty pleasure’ memmo be from? And what would it say?

Probably Peter Kay. He was my favourite growing up. Maybe just him saying: ‘There’s still plenty of time left’ and a bit of advice and inspiration from him would be really nice.

How does it feel to be able to interact with fans in such a personal way?

I still can’t believe that people pay money for these from me, cause I’m sitting here in a mid-terrace cottage with my three kids and my Mrs. I’ve got my day job and this is just a hobby. So when people are like: ‘Oh my God it’s him’, I don’t get it. I don’t understand it. It is nice and I’m just happy to be putting smiles on faces as that is all I'm doing. Even on Snapchat when people send me stuff, I generally send one back. Just as I'm a stickler for ignorance online, massively, and I try to respond to every single message I get.

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