Four Quick Fire Questions with Alan Fletcher


There have been swarms of happy Neighbours fans since Alan Fletcher joined Each video message he delivers is truly personal and from the heart, making it easy to see why he's putting so many smiles on fans' faces.

Want to know a bit about Alan's time at Check out his answers to our quick fire questions:

What’s the funniest memmo request you’ve received?

I was asked to do a birthday message for a turtle! So I stuck my neck out and did it.

If you could get a memmo from anyone, who would you like it from and what would it say?

I’d like a memmo from Steven Spielberg saying he’d seen me on Neighbours and wants me in his next movie.

What’s the best thing about being on memmo?

It gives me a genuine opportunity to have a meaningful exchange with fans of my show. I love that people can leave extended messages so I can really make the memmo special.

If you could only send one memmo from now on, what occasion would it be for?

What type of memmo? Can’t choose. Love them all. Weddings, parties, anything!!!

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