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Before COVID-19 hit, Rudi had been planning to whisk his partner Rhianne off to Rome and propose to her. But with everyone’s lives put on hold due to the pandemic, and endless travel restrictions in place, it looked like he had to change his plan.

“I had to think outside the box,” Rudi says, “My love for her had grown so much more during our time in lockdown.”

Despite trying to ‘wait it out', it soon became clear that the end was not in sight so Rudi eventually gave in and thought: “I’m going to do it.”

However, he didn’t want it to be any normal proposal, he wanted something completely different to the rest of the lockdown engagements: “something she would remember forever.”

What more unique way to propose than with help from the queen of reality TV, Charlotte Crosby? Rudi booked a memmo from the TV Star, and got her to pop the big question to Rhianne!

He was anxious, he was extremely happy, he was overjoyed with emotion knowing the person he loved was about to get the shock of their life.

During the video, Rudi’s daughter, Clementine, passed him the ring as he got down on one knee. “Clementine was also very excited,” he recalls.

“Rhianne was in tears; tears of happiness, then laughter, shock, then back to tears again. It was amazing.”

Looking back on her life-changing moment, Rhianne says: “I was so shocked. I love Charlotte Crosby, I think she’s amazing, so to be watching a video of her asking me to marry Rudi was just a surreal moment. I still cry watching it now.”

The proposal was not at all what Rhianne was expecting, saying she was so surprised Charlotte had even filmed a memmo for her that she didn’t notice Rudi down on his knee until the end of the video.

“When she said ‘Rudi wants to know if you’, I still didn’t expect her to say ‘marry him’,” she says. “I don't know what I thought she was going to say, but it was not that.”

On cloud nine, Rudi shared the happy news on Twitter with Charlotte, saying: “She said yes!”. Not only did Charlotte reply and share their video, which ended up reaching 159,000 views, but other celebrities even got involved in the Twitter conversation to celebrate with them.


“It was the extra icing on the cake that made my partner feel even more special,” Rudi says.

Charlotte Crosby, TV star, says: “I was over the moon to be involved in one of Rudi and Rhianne’s greatest life moments. It’s quite scary being trusted to pop the big question, but I’m so glad Rhianne said yes and I wish them both a long and happy married life together.”

The best part for Rhianne was the ‘unexpectedness of it all’. She could never have imagined receiving a personal video message from a celebrity who she ‘loves and adores’.

Tobias Bengtsdahl, CEO of, says: “Everyone loves a proposal story, especially a fun and unique one. Rudi and Rhianne’s story is one of those that will stick in people’s minds for years to come, and it’s amazing to know that helped make that moment as special as it deserved to be, despite the pandemic.”

Since COVID-19 arrived, has played a vital role in helping people find ways to still make moments meaningful. With the country in and out of lockdown, provided opportunities at a time when all hope of creating special memories seemed near-on-impossible.

So though it may not have been Rome, Rudi and Rhianne have a beautiful lifelong memory of the moment they got engaged, all thanks to a video message from Charlotte Crosby.

Watch the memmo of the moment:



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