The UK's Most Feared Comedian.
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Video greeting
The profile records a short greeting for any occassion you like.
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Video greeting - For businesses
The talent records a personalised video for your business that can be shared for marketing purposes. You must select this option for any business requests.
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Featured videos by Frankie Allen


Absolutely superb, my mate is going to be buzzing with being roasted by frankie.

The Baboys

Belter that, mate. They needed to hear the truth from someone like yourself haha soft cunts

The Sicko group

Keep up the good work Frankie, the sickos loved it!!


Mate is well happy with what he's received, and I'm well happy with how you put it together... what a legend.....


Incredible, thank you mate!


Absolute belter is that frankie....thank you very much


Brilliant and would highly recommend. Thanks Frankie 👍🏻


Frankie , thank you so much for your memmo , really appreciate it , my wife found it touching and was surpris...


Totally brilliant. Perfect. Cheers


Hilarious, can’t wait to show him on his birthday 😂😂


Thanks Frankie! Made up with the message, gave my mate a right grilling 😂 thanks again mate, Dom


A couple of things missed out but that maybe to do with legal and not allowed but it was great Frankley cheers...


Ryan was pleased with his message mate! Thanks 👍🏻


About Frankie Allen

Frankie Allen is known as the “UK’s most feared comedian”. Frankie Allen is based in Liverpool and considered to be one of the best comedians in the country and is known for his wit in delivering merciless one-liners and harsh putdowns. For over 30 years, he has become popular in performing in different pubs and clubs around the country. As such, Frankie Allen has made his way to stardom and is considered to be one of the best in the comedy industry. With his popularity, Frankie Allen is also one of the most demanded performers in various events. He also had millions of views after some of his videos became viral on different social media platforms. memmo can easily get you connected with the comedian and receive celebrity messages or celebrity video messages. Fans of the artist can also request personalised video messages such as birthday messages, greetings, wishes, or a shout out.

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