Profile questions

What is memmo?

Memmo is a platform where you can offer personalised experiences to your followers and fans, tailored to your preferences. At memmo you choose what types of experiences you want to send to your fans, which are communicated via personal videos. Everything is created smoothly through our platform and delivered directly via SMS and email.

Do you want to offer your best training tips or give a personal one-minute stand-up? Maybe your followers often ask you for styling tips or other personal advice in your particular area of ​​expertise? Courses, congratulations, roasting a friend or presenting a surprise - with memmo it’s up to you. The platform is designed to bring you closer to those who engage themselves in you and your lifestyle, and to offer them something that has not previously been possible. With memmo, you go from communicating to everyone, to talking directly to the ones who actually listen.

A place where you can do what you do best, to those who care the most.

Why should you join memmo?

With memmo, we wanted to take the next step in communication and the relationship between you and your fans. In the smoothest and safest way, let yourself get close to those who care most about you. memmo is a platform where you can take what you do best and offer it personally to your biggest fans. A tool for developing your personal brand, the relationship with your followers and what you can offer them.

Do you often get the same questions on Instagram? Do you know someone who has followed you longer than anyone else? Or do you simply think that it would be magical to be part of people's most memorable moments? With memmo you can use these insights and easily create a personalised offer, created and sent with a few clicks.

How does the platform work?

As a profile, you send memmos through the memmo app on your mobile. As a customer you book your memmos at www.memmo.me.

As a profile, you have your own page at www.memmo.me where you communicate what types of videos you can send. In the app, you first create a short introductory video, and write a short bio about yourself and what you offer on memmo. Here you also handle all bookings and record your memmos! Each booking is active for maximum 7 days (some profiles has an 'express' setup and delivers faster) and if you do not do the memmo message within this time frame, it expires. If you get a booking you do not want to do, you simply decline it. It is always up to you which bookings you want to approve.

As a customer, you go to the website and choose the profile you want to book a memmo from. Click on the booking button to send a request for a memmo and fill in the information needed for the profile to be able to make your video. If your booking is approved you will receive it within 7 days (but usually faster than that!) if they don't have express delivery, and it will be delivered via SMS and email! If your booking is denied or the profile would not be able to send the memmo within the time frame, you will, of course, receive your money back.

What can you send via memmo?

All kinds of greetings, messages and experiences that can be communicated via video! Only your creativity sets the boundaries here. Do you want your followers to decide word for word, or guide them towards your particular specialty? memmo sends everything from birthday greetings, special invitations and loving marriage proposals to personal tips and advice. What you do best you can now communicate in person, directly to your biggest fans.

How do I become a profile?

We make individual assessments for anyone who wants to be a part of memmo. To become a profile on the platform you can apply through this link.

Why should I charge and how does pricing work?

The price of memmos fills several functions but is mainly used as a tool to monitor how many videos you want to make per week, as the influx of requests may vary through different periods. This can easily be reflected through variable pricing on your videos, as you as the profile decide on your price per memmo and may change your mind whenever you want. However, it is not possible to change prices of memmos which have already been booked.

It’s also possible to donate your proceeds to a charitable cause of your choice. Just get in touch with us at [email protected] letting us know where you want the compensation to go and we will help you with the process.

Who orders memmos?

Over 80% of memmos are ordered by relatives of your fans - so it’s rarely the fans themselves who book and pay for it. It’s a completely new and unique type of gift, with each delivery being completely personal to the individual. Everyone who engages in you and your lifestyle - or knows someone that does - are the people who will appreciate and order memmos. Most often it’s your own followers who are interested in your specific memmos, so the person who knows the target group best - is you!

Depending on what you offer on memmo, your customers will also adapt to it, so be sure to customise the theme of your videos to exactly the way you want them. Do you want to be the one to deliver the marriage proposals, training tips or a roast? It's completely up to you!

What are the guidelines on the platform?

All material that is created, delivered and ordered via memmo should relate to our values, which can be read here. This applies to all profiles on memmo, as well as to all clients on the website. The material on memmo is owned by the profiles on the platform and is creatively free to create, with the provision that it is done in accordance with our values.

Who owns the rights to the video material?

As a profile and creator of the video material, you retain ownership of all videos you upload on the platform. The client who booked a memmo is then granted a personal license to use it for non-commercial use, and that the memmo as a platform has the right to use it in its own channels. You and memmo always have the right to download a video from the platform.

Customer Questions

How do I buy a memmo?

Booking a memmo couldn’t be easier! Simply head over to the website www.memmo.me, find the profile you would like to receive a memmo from and select ‘book’. After you fill in some details, what you want the profile to convey in the memmo, who the greeting is to and any other important details for the video, you proceed to the payment. You pay easily with your bank card and once the payment has been accepted the booking is sent to the profile.

Once the booking has landed at the profile it stays active for 7 days (not for express-delivery ones), but many profiles respond much faster than that. As soon as the memmo is created it’s sent to you via SMS and email so it’s easy to send on either as a link or to download as a video clip.

If, for any reason, the profile would not want to do your memmo within these 7 days (or the number of days they have), it will expire. You will then of course be refunded for the booking with the same payment method that you used when booking it. If you still want your memmo, just place a new booking on the platform!

How much does a memmo cost?

All profiles set their own prices, according to their time and availability to create memmos. The price is mainly a tool for determining the number of memmos that you as a profile want to do in a week. Therefore, the prices range very broadly on motherhood and are constantly changing.

How long does it take for me to have my memmo?

The profile usually has 7 days after the booking is completed to return with your memmo (some profiles offer express delivery and in that case they have less than 7 days), but usually it happens much faster than that. If this time expires, the amount reserved or deducted in your account will be refunded and the booking cancelled.

Is it guaranteed that the profile will fulfill my order?

It is the profiles who decide for themselves which videos they want to and can do, and in most cases, all memmos are created and sent within the 7 days (maximin, could be less) that the booking is valid. In exceptional cases, the booking is not carried out, which is usually due to lack of time or the profile in question does not want to do what is requested.

How is my memmo delivered to me when it's done?

When your order for a memmo is completed, it will be sent by SMS and email to the number and email address you provided when you booked your memmo. You cannot change the recipient’s contact details after a greeting is delivered, so keep that in mind when you make the booking! On the other hand, it is very easy to forward your memmo from both SMS and email, so a good tip is to get the memmo sent to yourself and then forward it to the person or people who you want to see it.

When will I be charged for my memmo?

When your booking is completed, the money will be deposited from your account. If you do not receive your memmo within the maximum of 7 days of the booking being active, you will be refunded to the same card you originally paid with. That is, the reservation will be removed or your money will be refunded.

What if I'm not happy with my memmo?

If your video does not live up to your expectations: for example if it has poor sound quality or something has been misunderstood in the directives - contact us at [email protected] for help.

Can I cancel an order?

You can cancel your order up until the point that the profile has recorded the requested video message, after that the booking cannot be cancelled or refunded.

How long is my memmo available?

Once you have received your memmo via SMS and email it will be there with you forever! (Maybe make a copy of it to make sure you never lose it. It is a lifetime keepsake after all!)

Can I buy a memmo on behalf of my company?

Yes! To get more information on how to proceed and the terms and conditions that apply to the purchase of memmo to companies, please email us at [email protected].

I’m interested in working for memmo - how do I proceed with this?

We are always looking for new stars! You can find all vacancies on our website under Work at memmo.