100+ 60th Birthday Wishes for a Friend


There’s nothing better than a big milestone birthday to honour and celebrate a friend and a 60th birthday is extra special – six whole decades of that special person being them. You want to pass on your best wishes but what’s the best way to mark the occasion? How can you express your gratitude and love for them? We have some great examples of 100+ birthday wishes for you to send. And if you really want to make your wishes stand out, why not get their favourite celebrity from memmo.me to deliver them on your behalf?

Below you will find inspirational examples, but you can always add your own personal touch. Whatever category the 60-year-old in your life falls in, we’ve got you covered!

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60th Birthday Wishes For Your Father

It’s not every day your Dad turns the big 6-0! Give him birthday wishes he will remember with greetings from his favourite sports star.


  • Dad, you’re not getting older to me. You’re just getting more distinguished! Happy 60th birthday!
  • At 60, Dad, you’ve become a genuine classic. Happy birthday.
  • Happy 60th birthday to the world’s greatest farter….I mean Father!
  • Happy birthday Dad. 60 years’ young today.
  • Happy 60th birthday Dad! Just to let you know that I love you a lot. You made me what I am now.
  • Be the coolest Dad, even in your sixties.
  • Daddy dearest – 60 years’ young today. May you live another 60!
  • A happy 60th birthday dad. When I was a child, I have always looked up to you. Now you are 60 and still, I look up to you.
  • Congratulations on six decades of your life. Happy birthday Dad.

Is Dad a fan of football? Make his day extra special and see which football legends could send him a birthday wish!

  • You spent many Saturday’s cheering on Blackburn at Ewood Park. Now Blackburn Legend, Chris Sutton is cheering on you as you hit the big 6-0!
  • Dad, you really are the glue of the family. Happy 60th birthday.
  • You were always there for me and the only person who ever believed in me. Happy 60th birthday Dad.
  • Dad, I didn’t quite know how to express who you mean to me on this special day, so I got Neil ‘the Razor’ Ruddock to give me a hand.

60th Birthday Wishes For Your Mother

Your mum is the lady who made you what you are today so she deserves some very special celebrations for her 60th birthday. Recruit her favourite celebrity to help wish her a great day.


  • Happy 60th birthday to the best Mother in the world. Have a great birthday, Mum
  • You make 60 look so good. Congratulations on your 60th birthday, Mum.
  • Happy 60th birthday Mum. Try not to worry about the grey hairs for a bit. Let’s just enjoy the times for a while.
  • Wishing you a monumentally happy 60th birthday, Mum. May this year fill your life with happiness galore and even more success. I love you.
  • Happy 60th birthday super Mum. You have done a lot for us. Now we really need to focus on you.

Get that special message, for that special day - surprise her with one of her favourite actors!

  • My lovely Mum, happy 60th birthday! You’ve sacrificed all your time and energy for us. You still treat me like a little girl and fight with anyone for me. Thank you for being my mum. Be healthy and fit as always!
  • Dear mum, congratulations for completing 60 years! You’ve always thought about the welfare of the others during these years. No doubt that, you have the biggest heart. I’m so happy to be a part of your life. May God always enlighten you, protect you and keep you happy!

60th Birthday Wishes for Your Wife

A wife is so very special. They are the family you choose for yourself, the person you want to spend your life with, so when they turn 60 you want to make it as special as possible. Help make her birthday even more memorable with a message from her favourite TV star.


  • I’m so glad we get to celebrate your special day together – happy 60th birthday sweetheart.
  • “At age 20, we worry about what others think of us. At age 40, we don’t care what they think of us. At age 60, we discover they haven’t been thinking of us at all.” Ann Landers
  • "60 years of laughter, 60 years of good friends, 60 years of beautiful, amazing you. Wishing you a very happy birthday." - Sherrie Hewson
  • Happy 60th birthday to the love of my life. May you be happy and healthy always.

Wondering how your wife would react to her favourite celeb? Check out these tv stars who'll leave her struck on her birthday!

  • I can’t quite believe you’re sixty, it feels like only yesterday was the day we first met.
  • “The best birthdays of all are those that haven’t arrived yet.” Robert Orben
  • Dear Wife, Happy 60th birthday. Love you more than yesterday.
  • Thanks for taking good care of me all these years. The more I see you, the more I fall for you. Happy 60th birthday.
  • Happy 60th Birthday to my beautiful Wife. May God give you all the happiness in this world, because you deserve it.

60th Birthday Wishes for your Best Friend

Friends are the family you choose and if you have chosen them they must be pretty great. They deserve to feel fab on their birthday so here are some excellent messages to make them feel just that. You could also give them a birthday to remember with a message from their favourite actor?


  • Happy 60th birthday to such a fabulous friend! Wishing you many blessings for the year ahead.
  • Wishing you a day filled with laughter and joy. You deserve all the best things that life has to offer, today and for years to come. Happy 60th birthday girl!
  • Now you’re 60 so stop acting like a 20-year old. Happy 60th birthday to you.
  • Happy birthday, my friend! Enjoy your day and don’t worry much about turning 60 because it’s really awesome. To confirm, ask an 80 years old person.

Find your perfect fit for your best friend, and choose among thousands of celebs on memmo.me!

  • Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional! Happy 60th birthday to my wonderfully young-at-heart friend!
  • Congratulations my friend! I’m so happy to celebrate with you your 39th anniversary of 21st birthday. Have a wonderful and carefree day!
  • You make 60 look fabulous! Happy 60th birthday my friend!
  • Everybody needs good neighbours and good friends so I got Alan Fletcher to wish you a very happy birthday.

60th Birthday Wishes for Your Sibling

Whether they are your brother or sister, you have been lucky enough to grow up with them, share memories and form a special bond. They understand the quirks of your family like no one else. Make their 60th birthday a special one and remind them of your truly special bond.


  • You are my younger sister but I look younger than you. Happy 60th birthday Sister!
  • Happy 60th birthday to the person who always filled the house with laughter and my heart with great memories! I wish you a blessed day!
  • They say with age comes wisdom… so what happened to you?
  • Happy 60th birthday! With this birthday, you are as ancient as some of the tortoises and turtles out there! We hope that you continue to be blessed with good health and God’s graces.

Make that memory extra special with a memmo from their favourite sports star!

  • Wishing the happiest 60th birthday to the coolest cat in town. May your day be filled you’re your most beautiful dreams coming true.

  • Happy, happy, happy 60th birthday to the person who laughs the loudest, cares the most and brightens every room.

  • Happy birthday! You’re not 60. You’re 60…and sensationally sexy.

  • I have some great memories of watching the game with you on a Saturday afternoon so I thought I would get Liverpool great Robbie Fowler to send you birthday cheers.

Funny 60th Birthday Wishes

Make that special person laugh out loud this birthday with some incredibly witty and funny birthday greetings.


  • There’s no running away from the fact you’re 60. Besides, running is for the younger folks. Happy 60th birthday.
  • Happy birthday! Welcome to club 60. Membership comes with many privileges and benefits. No old farts permitted.
  • Your life is quickly changing; you are getting more wrinkles and gray hair. I hope you get more as you approach seventy. Happy 60th birthday! Look 40, act 20, and you’ll ace this whole being 60 thing.

Make them giggle on their birthday with a message from their most loved comedian!

  • You look brilliant – I know it took 60 years, but it paid off.
  • My dear friend, keep calm and have patience because it’s said that, only the first hundred years are the most difficult phase. Happy 60th birthday!
  • It’s time to move closer to your television. Happy 60th birthday!
  • I know how you love a bit of Only Fools and Horses so I thought I would get Sue Holderness AKA Marlene Boyce to help me wish you a very happy birthday.

Fan favourite - See iconic happy birthday wishes delivered by Alan Fletcher


Are you sending them a traditional hand-written card in an old-fashioned way, or are you going the extra mile and surprising them with a personalised video message from their favourite celeb? At least, you know how to congratulate your 60-year-old mate with 100+ different birthday wishes.


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