Get personalised video messages from your favourite actors 🙌

Perfect for birthdays, pep talks or just for banter!

We all want a little entertainment in our lives. A moment to laugh, a memory to shed tears, a reflection to smile on. We don’t know exactly when it started, but acting has improved the quality of life of many people. Without entertainment, we cannot have that much-needed break in our life. Actors and actresses bring happiness and this is considered to be the most powerful medicine to keep us mentally and physically healthy. Watching our favorite celebrities on television and in films also means taking a break from the monotony of our lives. We all deserve to be happy and Actors have done a great job in helping us achieve this dream.

Get the chance to meet some of your favourite celebrities on memmo. They have brought friends and family together. We do not know what the world will be without them. This is your opportunity to meet them. Fan of the soap opera, Neighbours? Meet Kym Valentine, or popularly known as Libby Kennedy in the soap. You may also have loved sci-fi shows like Star Trek. Meet The Doctor, Robert Picardo, and let him send the message that you want for your loved ones. Some popular stars who recently joined memmo are Paige Sandhu, Sid Owen, and Oscar Nunez. Let them make any special moments more memorable. They will surely make your loved ones smile and have fun during the celebration.

We understand that saying the right words to your loved ones may be difficult. Your favourite celebrity is here to help you get through it. Let them take the pressure off your shoulder and say the things that you want to say. Request now for a personalised video message and make special occasions like birthdays, weddings, holidays, and anniversaries extra special. This can be in the form of a message, greetings, and shout-outs.


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